24.04.2015 16:40

“Moving into a new house with new ideas”.

Enrollment in our IT System Development Problems Lab and Robotics Technology and Electronics Lab have been launched after the official opening of Noosphere Engineering School’s  new home.

30 applicants also became participants in the “Project Management” program. Our students will listen to a series of lectures delivered by Noosphere’s managers, as well as participate in practical training sessions where the teams will develop projects for future startups, which will be demonstrated for a panel of judges.

The Robotics Technology and Electronics Lab also has 30 new students. Our mentors Igor Gomilko and Mikhail Fesenko will share the secrets of robotics and electronic system development with a new generation of engineers. On May 11, 2015 students will be divided into two programs titled “Microcontroller Devices” and "Arduino Controllers". The first one includes an advanced study of the fundamentals of electronics, and students of the second one will create basic devices based on the Arduino platform.

We wish all our students success in their studies! Follow our news at noosphereengineering.com and on our social media pages.