Identified Flying Objects in the Sky over Dnipropetrovsk

01.10.2015 00:00

On September 26 Copters Race, a festive contest of copters, rockets, aircraft models, and Rube Goldberg Machines was hosted by the Noosphere Engineering School.

The spectators liked the idea of a competition between the amateur pilots of flying drones. This was the first such event in Ukraine. While developing the rules and regulations for the competition, the Noosphere team used their experience that they had gained organizing the European Championship for Space Models. Copters were divided into several classes (Class 1 –up to 30 cm, Class 2 – from 30 cm to 110 cm, Class 3 – from 110 cm), an obstacle course was built and the victory podium was waiting for its champions.

Furthermore, the guests were able to practice their practical skills in physics and mechanics to create Rube Goldberg Machines. They had a difficult task: to create a mechanism which was able to make tea from items around the site.

On this day, not only copters were spotted over the stadium. Gliders and aircraft models were soaring through the air, rockets, custom designed by the attendees, were launched during the workshop in amateur model rocket design for kids. Alexander Synielytsyi, the European champion in the amateur rocketry gave a truly unforgettable performance to the spectators.

The Noosphere Engineering School mascot, their robot named Nao, also watched the copter race while entertaining the audience. Guests as well as organizers didn't have time to get bored. On 28 September, in the morning air of the Dnipropetrovsk State TV channel Michael Ryabokon, Chief Operating Officer of Noosphere and co-founder of Noosphere Engineering School, outlined how the idea of establishing the Copters Race was born, as well as narrated the story of the idea’s implementation in the event and our plans for the future.

"We plan to hold the event on a regular basis as we are seeing considerable interest in such kinds of events. In our city, very few people organize events like these, which attract students, engineers and amateurs who enjoy competitions using inventions made by their own hands. We are able and ready to create worthy engineering projects. There are various examples from across the world that our engineers are capable of creating high-tech devices which are in demand. Why not implement them right here and show what our country can do, not only in the United States, but also right at home."