Max Polyakov and Leonid Kuchma visit Noosphere Engineering School

22.09.2015 00:00

"Innovation distinguishes between leaders and followers"

Noosphere Engineering School fosters leaders using examples of real-life executives.

On September 18, 2015 the Noosphere Engineering School hosted high-ranking guests represented by Max Polyakov, Founder of Noosphere and Leonid Kuchma, the second President of Ukraine.

Michael Ryabokon, Cofounder of Noosphere Engineering School, gave a tour of the school, and talked about ongoing programs. He was quite excited to introduce the guests to the practical achievements of our students. Our guest also had the chance to see the true value of the school labs, which are equipped with everything the students could need.  They were especially impressed with the quadrocopter, which was assembled from scratch by the, and the BlackCat program, which allows a vehicle to send an automatic notice to emergency assistance if there is an accident.  CamTouch, a project by Andrey Konovalenko also impressed our guests and was a finalist of the Sikorsky Challenge, a joint competition with Noosphere professionals. Our most unique employee, the walking, talking robot NAO, didn't go unnoticed. He gave our guests a traditional welcome and showed off his dance moves.

"Today the most important thing for Ukraine to keep pace with global progress, is to give due consideration not just to education in the humanities but also in engineering and technology. I believe that these students will show their worth and make themselves known. Among them I saw chief design constructors and probably even another Mikhail Yangel," commented Leonid Kuchma.