From a student to successful businessman at 25 years old

26.10.2015 00:00

"Weekend? No, I haven't heard".

For all who haven't heard about weekend, Noosphere Engineering School invites to spend productive Saturday at Workshop and Q&A session with Igor Shoifot!

Igor is a serial entrepreneur and investor, co-founder of which is the one from the biggest global independent photo sites. Now the entrepreneur teaches at Californian University in Berkeley (UC Berkeley). He will share his experience with Engineering School's students and Dnipropetrovsk IT Community.

On 31st of October, 12.00 we are waiting for all the comers at the Makarov National aerospace education youth center, Dnipropetrovsk, Gagarina, 26.

The entry is free of charge via preregistration.

And among all those who sign up, we will raffle off three prizes from the Noosphere company!