New brainchild of engineering school was tested by the armed forces

31.10.2015 00:00

On October 29 students and mentors of the Noosphere Engineering School publicly presented their brainchild – a software package for artillery fire control ArtOS. It took only 4 months to implement this project guided by Yaroslav Sherstuk, Staff Development Officer of the Missile Forces and Artillery of the Ground Forces Command of Military Forces of Ukraine. Yaroslav is the author of the specialized software “Ukrop”, intended for artillery personnel, intelligence officers, and topographical surveyors, which has been successfully used by the Military Forces of Ukraine for the past year.

The new software package will considerably reduce the time necessary to prepare for artillery fire missions and to optimize the work in a chain gun-platoon-battery. ArtOS is able to automatically receive data for the top echelon on targets from similar systems developed by the GIS group “Arta”, to make adjustments to the firing conditions of ballistic and meteorological systems. 

Presentation of the software package was held on the premises of the famous 55th Separate Artillery Budapest Brigade of the Order of Alexander Nevsky and Bohdan Khmelnytsky. The first round of testing for ArtOS is now complete. The next step for the software is to undergo tests in the launch pad.

We’ll keep you informed on further progress to improve the ArtOS software package. We wish the developers every success in the next round of testing!