“A good start is only half the story”

14.10.2014 10:34

On October 7 the second semester of the “Project Management” program of the Noosphere Engineering School began. All 40 participants had to compete for their positions and over the next 10 weeks they will learn to bring their IT ideas to life.

To kick off the program Noosphere’s Executive team was was introduced as Michael Ryabokon, Noosphere’s COO, gave a special presentation on the company, and Yury Letser, Noosphere Nest’s COO, shared his knowledge on  the key concepts of project management and outlines the basic principles of business model development and analysis.

Students were a little timid at first but by the end of their first class they were fully engages and bombarded our mentors without many, and sometimes quite tricky questions. Even the coffee break was filled with a lively informal conversation.

We talked to several students to find out why they are so interested in the “Project Management” program:


Andrey Selivanov:


“Noosphere sponsored me while I was participating in “Olimp” All-Ukrainian summer computer school. As a result I was invited to participate in the Noosphere Engineering School.

I really wanted to delve into the "Project Management" concepts in more detail. And it is interesting to take a part in other the laboratories of the Engineering School”.

Maxim Slodzik:

"There were ideas that had to do with the educational system in general and also project management during the first lecture. I hope that in the next year and a half to two years I’ll be able to go back to university with some excellent ideas and find a project and I will outshine my follow student. There is already a team of fellow students, but they didn't attend the Engineerin School this term. They will participate in the following term for sure!!"

Noosphere`s staff also doesn't want to miss any chance to participate in the “Project Management” program. Whether as mentors, or as students.

Albina Fotina:

“We have to deal with a lot of product tasks in our work, some aspects of our projects demanded very innovative approaches.

I am not a manager, an economist or a financial expert. I am not even working in a related field . Even still, I came because I want to develop. What do things that I don't know very much about so I so I have come here to gain knowledge and receive inspiration!”.

We will soon start the practical portion of the program, and our participants will have an excellent chance to show their talents. There are a lot of new and interesting things ahead. Follow the news on our website noosphereengineering.com and on our pages on our social media pages. 

We remind you that the new lab “Robotics and Electronics Engineering” will be taking place soon. Applications will be accepted until November 3. To learn more or to join the program just follow this link.