The second week of lectures of “project management” program

17.10.2014 10:50

“Write down all your “wants”, and then they will become the developers requirements” - Tatyana Bulanaya, director of the Noosphere Engineering School.

The second week of the “Project Management” program was another full week. The mentors got acquainted with the students as they got aquainted with the principles of project planning, processes management, and technology development. Gradually working toward the interactive practical training.

Mentors this week included Sergey Shiman (COO, UniSend), Dmitry Maydanyuk (COO, Databrain), and Tatyana Bulanaya (director of Noosphere Engineering School).

At the beginning of each lesson, we communicated to Sergey Shiman and learned what he had prepared for the for students, 

"I will tell about flexible and inflexible project management methods and about project management using SCRUM. I will help you get acquainted with the technical tools that allow you to adjusting and organizing the process. I expect that after this, the students will have a more exact understanding of why is it important, why is it necessary to think about it, and why they need to study it thoroughly if they want to become project managers. I hope that the students won't be afraid to venture into the unknown, to study throughout their lives and to never quit!”

Lessons were lively and students had a lot of questions. They need to glean all they can now because the practical training will begin in just one week.