Students delight the heart with ideas, but mentors - with marks!

26.05.2015 00:00

“I have a job for you, but I won’t hire you! You don't have enough experience and skills!”

The long-awaited, productive period of the Noosphere Engineering School has started: we've move from theory to practice. All teams have already decided on their ideas for their projects. The challenge the students have had until now is to come up with and implement two startups: the first one should be based on a personal idea, and the second - educational. We will keep you updated on the students ideas through the News with the tag #PM_ideas.

Today we`d like to introduce you to the teams. The first team is made up of students from "Applied Mathematics". They are fellow students, very friendly and bring deliberate ideas to the project. Participants of the second team met within the walls of the Noosphere Engineering School, but that didn't stop them from uniting into a strong team where every student has become an indispensable part and a driving force for the project.

The name of the first team is “Holies”. The members of the team are Sergei Gerasimenko, Nikita Ilyukhin, Dmitry Karpovskiy Maxim Kravets and Alina Parchuk. Their project FindMe is essentially a multi-platform direction finder. “This application allows you to see the location of someone who has given access to their data. It is a useful app for parents, spouses, and even friends who want to be aware of where each other are,” said team member Nikita Ilyukhin. The project idea is not new and FindMe already has some competitors, but this motivates the team to add a different twist to the startup, for example the ability to create group tasks with geo-referencing or an alarm function, which allows users to let relatives know when a certain event occurs. The FindMe project is at the stage of active development now. The team is currently working on the beta version.

The educational project of “Holies” is a platform where students can master a topic from their school curriculum in just 15 minutes by playing a game. The project is designed for junior and high school audiences and will teach schoolchildren physics and mathematics. The platform will be designed to work as a web-application.

The second teams projects are just as interesting. The first project is a mobile application that determines a person`s seasonal color analysis (winter, spring, autumn, summer). This app shows the user a color for their outfit that suits them. It will also have a figure identification function that with the ability to offer different styles in clothing and a palette of colors that are appropriate to their particular figure will be added based on the advice of their mentors.

The second project is an online education auction. “There are a lot of auctions in the Internet, but there is no one who sells courses and tutoring. The students can leave feedback on the teacher on the site, and ranking forms. Place bets and win a lot – a training course from a professional," Stanislav Grechko told us.

The creative participants include Evgeniy Bagaylyuk, Olga Berezhnaya, Stanislav Grechko, Daria Pankratova and Vyacheslav Avdeyev are part of this ambitious team.

Mentors from the Noosphere Engineering School said that both teams have projects that are interesting and have good prospects if they are carefully designed. Follow the news from the other teams in the “Project Management” program on our website!