Noosphere Engineering School will teach students to create games

05.06.2015 00:00

«Summer, sun, sea beaches … this all is for sissies»

Noosphere Engineering School entered the summer season in a new  Lab . On June 2, 2015 we launched “Unity 3D”, the first program of Game Development Lab in Dnepropetrovsk.

Within 10 weeks experts from  Murka  company will share their experience in gamedev, project management, game design, marketing, game architecture, work with sound settings and, of course, work on Unity 3D platform.

Anatoliy Genis, CTO of Murka, opened the introductory part with a keynote speech.

“Our goal is to develop gamedev culture. We are going to make every effort to provide the students with an opportunity to become an integral part of this industry and to enjoy the fact that millions of users play their games”.

Unity — is a tool for development of 2D and 3D applications and games under Windows and OS X operating systems.

Answering the question why we selected this platform as a basis, Anatoliy replied that one of the key advantages of the Unity was its cross-platform ability and user-friendly editor. At present it’s one of the most rapidly evolving engines. 

Within the scope of our Lab we plan to launch the other programs including “Graphic design in games” “Game design”, “Game Project Manager”. 

For the best questions, correct answers and activity during the studies our students will be awarded with chess pieces of various rank. Upon completion of the program course after summarizing the results the best students will receive prizes from Murka.

Follow our news and, probably, you’ll be able to witness a new game hits’ creation process!