Small Silicon Valley in Ukraine

26.01.2017 00:00

It has become a tradition of the Noosphere Engineering School to host honored guests. 

Yesterday Anastasiya Deyeva, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs for European Integration of Ukraine, paid a visit to the faculty and students. We discussed future plans to expand the "My Police" application to other areas in Ukraine and keep on improve on its functionality. This will not only include working closely with police, but also with other important public services. 

See below for more detailed information.

“We have been working on the 'My Police' project for a few months. Collaborative work started before Anastasiya Deyeva was appointed as the Deputy Minister. Therefore, the visit was primarily aimed at meeting the team face-to-face and showing her the inventions at the Engineering School,” said Dmitriy Podvorchanskiy, mastermind of the project and the Chief of the software development team. “Once she was introduced to the team and the service, Anastasiya began helping us develop the project. She explained how the largest and most conservative ministry in Ukraine functions. The ministry is very careful about the partners they choose and I can assure that they would like to continue working with us.”

“Yesterday I visited a mini Silicon Valley. It was not in the United States, it was in Ukraine!” Said Anastasiya Deyeva as she shared her impression of her visit to the Engineering School. “In Dnepr, I met with the outstanding developers of the "My Police" application, in particular with Dmitriy Podvorchanskiy. This application helps create a platform for communication between police and conscientious citizens. It is really possible to save a human life with one click! 

The idea of My Police was surprising at first. The reason is that at first, it creates public mistrust. Later on, you find like-minded people and start working hard on the project. In the end, you have a small miracle, Internet technology that makes the police more available and closer to the citizens! 

I am proud of such a marvelous application and sincerely hope that the scale of operation will soon be expanded throughout Ukraine. On another note, the police in the Netherlands are also interested in the application. So, we hope to see this service functioning in the Netherlands in the near future.

During the meeting, it also became clear that our gifted geeks from Dnepr not only develop applications, but real Mars rovers as well! Thanks to all people involved in making our world a better place!”

Our guest assured us that she would help accelerate the process of extending the project throughout Ukraine. She has no doubts that this expansion will take place very soon. Also during the meeting, we discussed working with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. The application will likely soon provide a way to call the fire department as well.