School mentors share their knowledge with young engineers

23.12.2016 00:00

The first group of students, ranging from 9 to 14-years-old, have completed their study with the city-wide program “IT Children of Dnipro”. The diploma ceremony took place on December, 21 at the Noosphere Engineering School. Attendees also attended a lecture on 3D-printers and met the robot, Nao.

Engineering School mentors not only shared their knowledge, but also participated in drawing up the educational program for this social project. For 23 lessons, children study computer literacy and the fundamentals of programming with Scratch. The group included more than 20 kids whose parents participate in an anti-terrorist operation or were declared refugees.

“I hope that it was a small wonderland, where drones flied, robots spoke, 

3-D printers printed and children were involved in creative activities,” said Jaanika Merilo, President of the Ukrainian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association and Acting Deputy of the City Mayor of Dnipro. “The first module is just our first step in the incredibly interesting world of engineering and technology.  During the next module, young enthusiasts will create their own robots to compete in solving simple tasks. I am very happy that we have so many gifted kids who find the world of technology to be so interesting and full of opportunity. They will probably become our future engineers and IT professionals.”

After participation in the program,child prodigies took up the challenge to compete with Scratch animated robots at the BestRoboFest robotic technology festival to be held by Noosphere on June 3-4 in Dnipro. Let’s wish them good luck!

We are sure that the knowledge and expertise shared at the event is an investment in the future of the engineering that these young geniuses will do. For our part, we will continue putting our best effort into helping them find their callings in life and gracing the world with their new, useful inventions.