Let’s rock the universe together! Space engineers needed

23.08.2017 15:44

Are you a student and dream to launch your rocket? Strive to upgrade your skills up to the level of ESA, NASA, Firefly, EOS, SSE, SpaceX, Airbus employees? All you need is cosmic effort and gravitation to knowledge.  We open Noosphere Space Engineering School and invite you to join our team! 

Our aim is to design non-orbiting rockets with the support of the Noosphere Association and its founder Max Polyakov. The satellites used by students are small “CanSat” standard satellites (for non-orbital rockets) or “CubeSat” satellites in 1U or 2U format (Launched into space).

The establishment of the Space Engineering School was made possible through the support of companies like SSE (Space System Engineering) and EOS (Earth Observing System). Noosphere Space Engineering School in cooperation with American Councils, NASA, the World Air sports federation, and leading Ukrainian universities open a new program. It starts on September, 15, 2017.  We plan to implement technical solutions through hosting and organizing competitions which involve young enthusiasts through the main milestones that include Idea, Hackathon, Designing, Layout, Implementation, Investors.

We will be happy to invite to our dream team ambitious, hardworking and goal-oriented members. Let’s launch our rocket together. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email [email protected]