Cutting-edge technologies open new possibilities

25.06.2017 11:51
On June 22, 2017, Noosphere Association and the engineering firm Ukrintech, based in Kharkiv, hosted the science and practice conference, “Modern Methods and Technologies of Materials Quality” in Dnipro, Ukraine. The event was supported by the Noosphere Engineering School, founded by Max Polyakov, and the Department of Space and Information Technology of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University. 

Despite being the first time the event was held, the hall was packed with more than 70 participants. Tutors, students, and business representatives came together to fulfill the goal of the conference of merging science and business, as well as bringing together leading professionals in the field to share their experience and solve real world problems. 

The Conference program included a general session and 3 practical sections: non-destructive testing, mechanical metallurgy, and metallography. Unlike other conferences, this event made it possible for the academic community to become more familiar with cutting edge business techniques and test modern equipment provided by Ukrintech. In addition, students of engineering specialties could ask professionals and industry experts their questions. Moreover, they were able to learn first-hand about University laboratory facilities and share their experiences. 

“The Conference gathered together an audience that is up to date with modern technologies,” said Sergey Demchenko, CEO of Ukrintech. “This event was the perfect place to hear expert opinions from industry peers, to discover ready-made solutions, and to learn more about modern approaches to industrial design. This is the first time that we cooperated with the Noosphere Engineering School and the Department of Space and Information Technology of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University. We appreciate the modern approach and involvement of the department specialists, so we are going to continue working together.” While sharing her plans for future of their partnership, the director of the Noosphere Engineering School Director, Tatyana Bulanaya shared, “In the Engineering School we strive to connect science and business energy, open new possibilities to our students and to show them modern, technological inventions. 

This event helped us find out more about high-tech equipment for solving problems in materials engineering, materials composition, and quality control. We hope that this cooperation will provide our students more opportunities to put into practice the knowledge they received in University and to test the equipment provided by our partners to solve teaching objectives.” We hope that the conference will become an annual event and at that we will be able to share the fruits of our labors at our next meeting.