Let’s come to practice

11.03.2014 17:30

“Those who know the theory and are not able to apply it in practice are similar to a car without an engine”.

On March 11, 2014 we started our long anticipated practical classes!

Having divided up into 4 teams, participants will now develop their projects for their own startups and with the guidance of Noosphere’s experienced mentors students will test their projects’ viability. Mentors of the first Project Management program include Anton Krasny, COO of Murka; Yuriy Letser, COO of Noosphere Nest; Dmitriy Maydanuk, Databrain Project Manager; and Viktor Buzyka, CTO of Segater.

For students the practicum is their opportunity to demonstrate their ability to effectively work in a team and to carry out the project through all stages – from idea to implementation. Mentors will steer all the teams’ efforts and energy in the right direction simultaneously testing creativity and assertiveness of every participant.

Let’s wish all four teams good luck and we are anticipating new interesting and exciting projects!