Shoot for the moon

16.06.2015 00:00

“Up to 80% of the human body is water. If a person has no dream or goal in life, he is only a vertical puddle”

Teams from the “Project management” program are quickly gaining a reputation as go-getters with innovative ideas that won't give up and are not afraid to shooting for the moon. We are still getting familiar with their project ideas and on June 25, they will each pitch 2 ideas, one of which has to be educational.

Today we would like to introduce you to the teams. The first one is called “Big size” and includes team members: Constantine Kwiatkowsky, Yuri Kovalchuk, Julia Levchuk, Evgeny Posikira, Andrey Redchenkov, Denis Rudenko and Ruslan Khalilov. Each member of the team has experience creating and developing their own projects.

Their first project, a brain simulator named “Brain Combat”, is a mobile application that “pumps” your brain to match wits with others through games in tournaments.

Ruslan Khalilov said, “At the moment, there is a steady trend in the personal growth among young people. We want to create an application that allows you to train your brain using 5-minute exercises to participate in tournaments with other users and find out who the smartest one is. We combine three best practices borrowed from other applications: brain building through short entertaining exercises, power leveling while earning game currency, and the ability to compete with other players head-to-head or in a tournament. 'Brain Combat' will help you develop not only the basic functions of the brain (the reaction, logic, memory), but also increase the intellect and trivia with questions on well-known subjects - science, brands, personalities.”

The second startup is Test2Work, aa web-service where applicants can take tests to prove their professional knowledge on a given topic. that might be required for employment. The tests can be used when applying for jobs and the site will provide online education services through partnerships with other sites such as Coursera. The user will be asked to improve the specialized field of expertise and the site will invite them to take courses with partners when they take a test. The test results will be used to rank users and can be reviewed by potential employers. Users might be able to find a job without even taking other tests or going through interviews. This model could also be used for university entrance testing.

The second team was given the name CHIRI for Challenge Ideas and Realization of Ideas. Its members are: Evgenia Vasilieva, Xenia Kontsur, Evgeny Krupkin, Marina Chornenko and Vladimir Statsenko. They call themselves the reckless team. They keep everyone on their toes and their mentors try to help channel their energy in the right direction.

Evgeny Vasilyev had this to say about his team, “Marina thinks up what to sell, I think up how to sell it, Evgeny inspires Marina to think up something new, Xenia is the leading critic of the team. And together we come up with how we can convince Xenia that we will accomplish our goals. Our wealth of knowledge is Vladimir Vernadskiy, who gives us tips, but loves to criticize. Everyone has their own resources and we try to use them to the max.”

This team`s projects are socially oriented. The first is “Lі Kar: Doctor is on hand.” This is a mobile application that allows the user to monitor the human body in a virtual map in a user`s account. It is also possible to use the application to find the right doctor in the application database and schedule an appointment.

The second project is the “Univerline: speciality constructor”, which allows people to not only take courses on individual subjects, but also “to make up their own specialty.” This app is for that people who want to get an education online. The course designers will work online to help those who are not confident in their choice. They will help visitors choose the best set of skills to  get the necessary qualifications. The range of subjects and the program will be updated based on the most popular specialties.

As you can see, the projects being planned in the “Project management” program are socially oriented and focused on personal growth and improvement. We wish them every success in achieving their goals!

Don't forget to check back regularly for updates on the students progress in the “Project management” program on the website by using the hashtag #pm_ideas and in the Noosphere Engineering School social networks!