Students presented their best projects!

30.12.2015 00:00

"An ounce of application is worth a ton of theory"

In accordance with this principle, at the Noosphere Engineering School we use practical experience to generate new ideas and bring them to life.

On December 17 students from the forth enrollment to the “Project Management” program presented their project ideas. Like participants of the previous programs our students had just ten weeks to delve into fundamentals of establishing a startup, build a team, draw up a business plan and make a presentation. Our students succeeded with top grades. 

As Yuriy Letser, Chairman of the panel of judges, noted, the student presentation from the most recent enrollment were the best the “Project Management” program held by Noosphere Engineering School has ever seen.

Here are the projects:

1. Black CAT device. Idea of this project was born in Noosphere Engineering School's Robotic Technology and Electronics Lab.

This device is installed on a vehicle and is capable of signaling for emergency services in the event of an accident. It works automatically, without any need to push additional buttons. It simply responds to any excess in standard sensor readings due to: extreme overload, excess inclination angle (more than 75°) or a rise temperature to above 70°С.

Once a sensor has been triggered a message detailing the problem is delivered to a specific call-center who contact the driver to find out the cause of the problem and take whatever steps are required from there.

2. FiTTch Internet platform. Our students invented a service that will provide users with the opportunity to select and buy a subscription to fitness clubs. This service is also intended to simplify the interaction between users, trainers and the fitness club team via blogs. 

3.  "Muti" application for children. Using this application parents, will be able to make a list of tasks for their children and the children will be able to accomplish the tasks in the form of a game. For a child, it will look like a dialogue with a game character. The game will also have characters of pets that a child should take care of, and an assistant who will remind a child of safety rules while carrying out the tasks.

As soon as the child completes the task he/she sends a confirmation photo. The parent receives the notice and marks the task as completed.

The child can earn points for each completed task which can be cashed in for prizes from their parents.

4. Chip In. Platform - Using this service you can find a business partner for purchasing small or mid-size wholesale products. Students included a personal account with multi-functional administration functions. This service has a wide range of applications: from e-magazine subscriptions to hotel room reservations. 

5. OSF (Only street fights) – this is a platform with elements of social networking intended to help people find and hold offline fights. At the same time a user can select options for the fight: fistfight or a battle with protective gear (rubber shields, padding, gloves, helmets and other gear for fighting). The authors of the idea sincerely believe the platform will help people toughen their character and conquer fears. 

The project presentations were assessed by 5 judges: Yuriy Letser CEO of Maxima Labs, Alexey Volskiy, Marketing Manager of TDNA, Margarita Rybina, Project Coordinator of TDNA, Alexander Penya, Product Manager of Maxymizely and Svetlana Usovich, Project Coordinator of Maxima Labs.

The experts were very impressed with the quality of the projects that were presented as shown in their feedback:

Margarita Rybina

"Comment with the "+" sign: students have a lot of energy and very little fear, which is very important!

I have not seen any overbearing guys who are not able to accept criticism. It is quite the contrary. They are frank, reasonable and energetic. This means that if we pay proper attention to each project they all could be successful.

Comment with the "-" sigh: many of the students lack the experience for comprehensive consideration of all business models for their projects as well as for analyzing the competitors’ experience and trends in the vertical in which the project is going to be launched. It is not so bad and they just need more time and practice. 

I hope the students always to believe in themselves! Every denial or criticism should be divided into constructive and destructive ones. Constructive criticisms should be analyzed and destructive ones ignored. However, in any case, you should always consciously move forward! It will work anyway!"

Alexander Penya

"I wish to emphasize the efforts of all participants in preparing the presentations. They took the preparation of speeches seriously. 

Now let me talk about the individual projects:

MUTI. I believe it is an innovative product capable of changing the world and facilitating family relationships between parents and children. However it should be taken into consideration that the encouragement system (bonuses earned by a child while accomplishing a task) might not be accepted by all parents. Some of them feel that a child needs explanations of the necessity of accomplishing the tasks and the reasons and consequences of such a necessity should be provided. System of bonuses teaches a child to “earn” as all of us earn our leaving by work. These facets of a child’s perception should be studied more thoroughly.

Black CAT. For sure, it is a viable project that is able to save many lives. It is the only project which already has preliminary real-life studies. After solving just a few outstanding issues this project should be brought to market. 

FiTTch. This project has a very friendly team which is also self-confident. They strive immediately to become a leading information service provider and to partner with a few interested parties at once. In my opinion this can also cause serious conflicts of interests between the parties concerned. It is impossible to please everyone therefore the project team should set proper goals and priorities. 

OSF. This is not a new idea. However, as far as this service fuels violence on the streets I am definitely against the implementation of this project. If I were part of the project I would promote engaging in active sports (including combat sports) where a few members or a team should be present. Moreover I would build such relationship based on respect for the opponent and the team as a whole as well as on building team spirit. 

Chip in. I liked the speaker’s presentation very much. Anything can be sold with such presentation skills. 

In general this project has the right to live. It is easy to implement, although some legal issues related to the project performance should be clarified.

Concerning the budget I would start at the low end and separate the services for individuals and legal entities.

I hope all teams keep their eyes on the prize and try to implement their projects independently. If you contribute with your own labor and effort, the work will be done with higher quality and responsibility. This is always the case when we develop the most successful projects that are capable of changing the world and enriching it with some new and useful things!

I wish you all success!"

Yuriy Letser

"All the project teams did a good job!

However, the ideas need further development in order to be brought to life. We hope to meet these guys again at the Vernadsky Challenge.

If the students wish to succeed, they need to realize that playtime is over and they should start taking the work seriously!"

Svetlana Usovich

"This was a landmark event for all of us!

For the guys it was the completion of their training, brainstorming, discussions, dispute resolutions and their results are the product of their entire team’s work. 

For me, it was interesting to see the various ideas, implementation approaches, and the variety of teams. It is quite interesting to see that in some cases it is the idea which wins and in others it is the team. I hope that the excitement will not fade with the presentation of their ideas and the guys will continue looking for their place in this industry."

As part of the tradition, the experts have rank the best presentations. Based on their assessment here is how the team ranking played out: 

1st –Muti application

2nd –Black CAT device

3rd – OSF platform

4th –Chip In platform

5th – FitTTch platform.

Our congratulations for their successful presentations to all the graduates of the program! We hope all of you to bring your projects to life!