The premiere of the projects of Noosphere Engineering School for the Prime Minister of Ukraine

27.05.2021 18:32

Noosphere Engineering School introduced the Prime Minister Denys Shmygal to the developments of the students of Oles Honchar DNU.
On May 27, during his working visit to Dnipro, the Prime Minister of Ukraine visited the production facilities of Flight Control. As a part of the visit, an exhibition of social, scientific and technological projects (including Noosphere Engineering School) of Non-Governmental Organization “Association Noosphere” took place.

Denys Shmygal got acquainted with our projects that are now implemented in the Laboratory of Noosphere Engineering School in Dnipro, operating based on Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, as well as with the activities of Noosphere Engineering School in general.

Smart dropper Infusion Light, aimed to facilitate the operations of junior medical staff. Infusion Light device supplements commonly used dropper and makes the intravenous drug injection procedure easier. Its application will enable to control the amount, speed and period of the administration of drugs. Therefore, a nurse won’t have to constantly visit the ward, and a patient won’t have to worry and lie extra time with a needle in his hand.

High-precision air quality measurement device MonAir and air quality monitoring system YourAirTest. The mobile application YourAirTest is designed for anyone concerned about the quality of the air that we breathe, being on the streets of our cities. It provides the users with the information about the composition and quality of the air in Ukraine and globally according to the international standards AQI (Air Quality Index).

Student startup Demi, which creates mobile augmented reality applications. Demi team is well known to the residents of Dnipro, namely they created interactive AR projects for Gararin Park, Dnipro Planetarium and the Museum of the History of Dnipro.

The invisible bike alarm WheelKeep, equipped with GPS tracker to secure bikes against theft — an invention of the students of Oles Honchar DNU. It consists of hardware module and mobile application. The module is mounted on the steering column of bike (fully invisible from the outside), and the application enables to identify its geolocation. If anyone touches the bike without the knowledge of the owner, the latter will receive push alert on smartphone. WheelKeep team has already produced five samples of their device and carries out their beta testing.

Student Rocket (Rocketry Agency) — project for the creation and launching of the student light-class carrier rocket with an altitude of over 100 km by the students of Physical and Technical Faculty of DNU, with the support of NGO “Association Noosphere” as well as mentors and experts of Noosphere Engineering School.

The “graduates” of Noosphere Engineering School also told us about the project — a mobile application for the emergency call to Police My Pol and an automated gun-fire control complex for artillery batteries ArtOS, which were designed and implemented in Dnipro scientific and technical laboratory.

Location of the event
Flight Control is a part of the ecosystem of the rocket-and-space projects implemented by Noosphere, founded by Max Polyakov.

We are happy to have this opportunity to communicate with the participants of the exhibition and see their interest in our inventions. Open-mindedness towards innovative technologies and interest in our activities really inspire.