Vernadsky Challenge by Max Polyakov looks forward to innovators and engineers

02.09.2015 00:00

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic".

Behind any successful project there is always hard work and a belief in yourself. A professional approach, innovative ideas and the will to turn ideas into a reality are the true  qualities of a successful entrepreneur. Participants of the first annual engineering startup competition the VERNADSKY CHALLENGE that was held in April, 2015 had a chance to witness this firsthand.

Noosphere is keeping true to the pursuit of its goals and is continuing to look for innovative ideas that can change the world. Starting September 1, 2015 we have been accepting applications for participation in the second annual competition the VERNADSKY CHALLENGE. 

The Noosphere Engineering School, founded by Max Polyakov, invites our students and graduates to participate in the competition and prove in practice that their idea and implementation plan are  worthy of recognition by the competition judges. 

The best project will be receive investment capital, professional expertise and access to Noosphere Ventures innovative science and engineering base that are worth 1 million UAH.

To participate in the competition, please, download the application form from our website:, fill in the form and send it back to: [email protected]. We will be accepting applications until March 1, 2016.

We wish you good luck and are looking forward to hearing about your magical technological solutions!