The Noosphere Engineering School team won a gold medal

19.03.2018 16:07

On March 15-17, 2018 the team of the Engineering School together with Oles Honchar Dnipro National University took part in the Ninth International Exhibition “Modern Educational Establishments” and the Seventh International Exhibition of Education Abroad “World Edu” in Kiev.

Representatives of Association Noosphere, together with the University staff, demonstrated high level results in implementing project-oriented education under the guidance of the Engineering School experts on the basis of the Classical University.

The event participants were represented by the leading universities, academies, scientific institutions, cultural representatives, educational departments, foundations and associations, which shared their achievements in reforming education, expanding international cooperation, creating innovative programs and solutions to improve the effectiveness of the educational process.

Among 653 works the Noosphere Engineering School received a gold medal in the category “Implementation of modern teaching tools, projects, programs and technologies for improving the efficiency of the educational process”.

The topic of the awarded project is “The interaction of business and science: the case of Association Noosphere and Oles Honchar Dnipro National University”, created by Tatyana Bulanaya, a representative of the Noosphere Engineering School and Lecturer at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, and Yuri Tkachev, Head of the Department of Space Information Technologies.

In addition, the School team received the “Quality of scientific publications” Certificate in terms of the ranking by the international scientometric database Scopus.

The achievements of the Noosphere Engineering School became especially valuable, taking into account that this year event hosted more than 750 educational and scientific institutions from 25 regions of Ukraine and 12 countries: Bulgaria, Georgia, Spain, Canada, China, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, the USA and the Czech Republic.

Representatives of the Engineering School discussed perspective collaboration with colleagues from Slovakia (Technical University in Kosice), and in the nearest future will together develop projects in the field of space research. 

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