Summer school 2013

20.07.2013 16:16

“Any reality is the sum of information technology”

As a part of the second International Research and Practical Conference “Modern Strategic Solutions for Information Development of Economy, Society and Business” Noosphere arranged a Summer School for several lucky students. 

This three-day intensive course for the top economics and cybernetics students from various universities across Ukraine focused on the the theme “ІТ. Economy. Space.” Several lectures were delivered by Ph.D's and Doctors of Science from many Ukrainian universities. Moreover the students, participating in a summer school program and had the opportunity to listen to IT specialists working with Noosphere.

The Summer School is Noosphere’s first step in establishing a new Engineering School as a joint project with leading Ukrainian universities where the top management, academic staff and students will implement research projects, and share their experience and ideas. The Engineering School project is designed to successful bridge the gap between classical science and modern business practices that will provide the ideal synthesis of theory and practice in the IT sphere while at the same time motivating these young professionals to create innovative products.