Start of practiceor new application of a flowerpot

03.11.2014 11:36

“In practice, one should study theory anyway”.

And over the next 6 weeks we will find out who has been paying attention at the  Noosphere Engineering School and how much they have learned.

On October 28 the practical portion of the “Project Management” program kicked off with the first lesson where the 40 students were divided into 6 teams that now need to come up with their idea that they will implement in the next 6 weeks. After that there was some activities to make introductions during which each participant had to answer 4 questions:

1. What is your name?

2. Where are you studying and what is your specialty?

3. What are your hobbies.

4. Come up with an unusual use of a flowerpot.

During these activities we learned that besides being university studens and working, our students have interesting hobbies such as snowboarding, cooking, drumming, photography, skiing, cycling, yoga, and healthy eating.

Responses to the fourth question were equally unique and unpredictable. Some new application proposals that our students gave for flowerpots were to build a helmet, use it as a piggy bank, a drum, pan and even storage for dentures, which came from Roman Malchugina, a dentist by profession.

In the first week the students had to decide on their project ideas with the help of their mentors - Sergei Schiemann, Yuri Letser, Anton Krasny, Anton Protas and Svetlana Usovich. In the second week of the program, the participants have to decide which research methods and models they will use. After that they will be given 4 weeks to implement their project. To do this they need to complete their report which includes a feasibility study, business model, and empathy card as well as prepare for a final presentation.

In the 5th and 6th weeks the participants will get to prove the validity of the students Micro-controller Devices ideas.

Throughout the course each of the future PM specialists will be graded by his or her teammates and the mentors on their performance, activity, and the final presentation. The three best students receive gold, silver and bronze certificates from the Noosphere Engineering School, as well as have the opportunity to become an employees of Noosphere.