Star Track-2: Deadline extended!

31.05.2018 12:57

The Noosphere Engineering School team extends deadline for submission of space research projects until June 5. Hurry up to register and potentially you will get a chance to prepare a prototype of the project for testing and become the owner of the money prize.

Below we prepared answers to the frequently asked questions about the tournament:

How many participants are allowed to be in the team?

The number of participants is unlimited. The team can consist of 1 person.

Is it possible to form a team of university graduates?

Yes, but there is one requirement: the team should include students or PhD candidates.

Should submitted projects be fully realizable?

We welcome any (rational) ideas in the field of space research. Considering the fact that the winner will get a chance to create a prototype, the realization of the project should be thought out at a basic level.

What is the fate of the projects of the previous tournament, Star Track 2017?

5 teams won at the first Star Track. However, only the "Student rocket" project was fully implemented, the team of which was formed by 13 most initiative participants of the tournament. In December 2017, they expressed a desire to learn how to design and launch satellites or test rockets, and on April 16, 2018 the first rocket was already developed and launched with the participation of students.

What is scheduled for June 9, 2013?

On June 9, a pitching session will take place, as a result of which the jury will select the winners.

Program of the event to be as the following:

11:00-11:30 Registration of participants and welcome coffee

11:30-13:00 Presentations of teams

13:00-13:15 Coffee break

13:15-15:00 Presentations of teams

15:00-15:30 Pizza break

15:30-16:00 Award ceremony 

The following steps should be taken to participate:

  1. Apply via the form.
  2. Prepare the report, a short version of the presentation and send it to [email protected]. Detailed task specifications and requirements are available here.
  3. On 9 June 2018, at the final pitching session present the solution of your team.

Event venue: Dnipro city, 12 Nauchnaya street, building 13, Physical and Technical Faculty of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, Department of Space Information Technology, 3rd floor.

Photos and videos from the event will be available on the Noosphere Engineering School page, stay tuned!