SolidWorks educational program results

19.12.2017 11:48

Noosphere Engineering School, together with the Department of Space Information Technology of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, held the project presentation session developed during the training program "Engineering in the SolidWorks system".

Students presented their own developments and prototypes created in terms of SolidWorks software learning. The SolidWorks complex software is an integral tool for successful development in the field of engineering, which helps to design products of any complexity and purpose.

While creating prototypes, students used such operations to build solid models of details, as stretching, rotation, trajectory pulling and a section. The transformation of the basic geometry of the model was carried out by the commands of fillet, chamfer, copying elements. For the construction of arrays for box-shaped body parts, the following commands as eco-building of parts from sheet material and welded structures were used. Integration of parts into a single construction was carried out by assembly operations and corresponding linking. Eventually, according to the developed models of parts and assembly units, students prepared the drawing documentation.

Among the presented course projects, the participants of the program defended the following developments: the construction of a solar panel of composite material for a spacecraft, the development of a block of chemical elements of the power of a spacecraft, the development of structural elements of the separation mechanism of rocket carrier stages and many others.

Mentors of Noosphere Engineering School use innovative approaches to the learning process, contributing to the professional development and realization of the creative potential of students, as well as providing modern equipment, software, the latest developments in space research and technology.

Follow our announcements and become a participant of the next specialized courses:

1. "3D SolidWorks – design of knots and aggregates of spacecraft" – 8 hours of lectures by the expert Mikhail Kushpit, Design Engineer of Space Systems Engineering;

2. "Engineering analysis in SolidWorks Simulation"– 12 hours of lectures by the expert Elena Karpovich.

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