Project presentation!

24.04.2014 17:37

«Success is a matter of chance. Every loser will tell you about it» 

The mentors of the Noosphere Engineering School know that success depends on commitment, hard work and teamwork. During the final lesson of the Project Management program our students proved that team spirit is an unconquerable  force, capable of generating the most unexpected of ideas.

All 4 teams presented impressive ideas and demonstrated their potential for greatness. 

The "Immortals" project was the winner with their innovative platform for controlling real robots in real time! This startup is a kind of innovation in the gaming industry. According to the students’ idea we could simply play with robots by controlling them through mobile telephones, tablets or PCs.

"ToBiDam" team was runner up. They presented a project for an online announcement board where users can barter for goods and services. One outstanding feature of the product was it is absolute C2C (customer-to-customer) where any can exchange their “want” for someone else's "can". For example you might repair an iPhone in exchange of having your nails done, or to teach a class in exchange of self-defense training.

Social Project "MIRLE = maximum individual result-oriented education" was also worthy of attention. These guys invented a resource that enables people pursuing a self-directed education to efficiently obtain the maximum amount of information  in the shortest time possible. Students were so excited about the idea that they even made a promo-video for MIRLE.

YOURCAREER is a website for finding internships, practical training and part-time jobs. It is one of the most important projects for students according to a poll 95% of current students need it.

The first Project Management program has now come to an end but this does not mean that we need to say goodbye to our students. Follow their news on our website and stay up to date!