Noosphere Engineering School participates in organizing career day

12.12.2016 00:00

A stable job is the dream of every student and graduate. Learning more about the Noosphere Engineering School could be the best way to start your professional development, and Career Day is the perfect place to do it.    

On December, 7 the Student Palace of Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National (DNU) University hosted Career Day for fourth and fifth-year students in technical specialties.   Noosphere Engineering School participated in arranging the annual event and shared the opportunities available at the school with students.

Career Day connects university graduates with potential, young employers to help them find employment and develop their professional careers. It has been held annually since 2012. For the first time, this year the event was tailored to technical specialties. This is no surprise, as the engineering and information technology markets have grown so quickly, along with the demand for specialists.

Looking back at 2016 we have seen that from the participants of the Engineering school labs and programs for 2014 and 2015, 20% of the top students continued working with the school in 2016. During the program, participants learn about project management, data mining, creative management, robotic technology, and electronics.

“This year more than 20 IT companies gathered at the event to hear from the teaching staff of the Applied Mathematics Faculty and representatives from the Engineering School. At the event, students received advice on how to build an effective career and learned more about which skills are in demand in the IT market.

The companies offered the top students of DNU employment opportunities and internships.  Students were especially interested in Noosphere Engineering School initiatives. “At Career Day, we scheduled a meeting with the top students from the Physics and Technology Department and we hope to continue working with them,” said Tatyana Bulanaya, Director of the Noosphere Engineering School and one of the organizers of the event.

Just the next day, on December 9, the students of the Physics and Technology Department visited the Engineering School, learned about the inventions and were shown the new Space Technology Lab.

“Next year I am planning to participate as a researcher in the Lab,” said Sergey, a third-year student of Physics and Technology Department and future design engineer. “At Career Day, I learned about the Engineering School, its multiple inventions, and grants for the engineering competition the Vernadsky Challenge to support the inventors.  I am eager to help develop the space projects.”