New developments of robotic technology lab

09.07.2015 14:13

"The farther an experiment is from theory, the closer it is to the Nobel Prize ".

On June 30, students from our Laboratory for Robotic Technology and Electronics demonstrated 9 project proposals for the Noosphere Engineering School.

When the students arrived just 2 months ago, they were absolute beginners at robotics. Since then they have learned to work with different types of microcontrollers, to develop printed boards, perform assembly using soldering stations, and use measurement devices such as oscillographs and voltmeters. Anyone would agree with Igor Gomilko,  head of the Laboratory for Robotic Technology and Electronics, that the students’ progress is obvious! 

Alexander Alkhimov, one of the students also shared his feelings, "At our school we have a lot of practical training. Mentors answer all our questions with patience and don’t get angry if there is something that I don’t understand."

"The school allows me to develop my personal skills and broaden my outlook. The mentors share their multi-faceted knowledge and are able to share vast amounts of information in a very short time. And what is more, they are cheerful guys. When the information is easily learned, it’s more interesting to study," said Alexander Kudryavtsev, another student at the school.

The following projects will also be part covered as part of the lab before the end of 2015: 

  • Walking robots
  • 3D scanners
  • Docking stations
  • Electronic notes to be attached to a fridge
  • Adaptive grippers for robots
  • Laser clocks
  • Remote control of power supplies
  • Door opening/closing sensors
  • "SmartAir"- a air quality monitoring device

The projects were evaluated by a panel of judges made up of local experts, along with the students and mentors at the school. Here is what a few of them had to say:

"I believe that the 3D scanner project is the most interesting one. It is very advanced for a student project. I would suggest that you publish the details and budget from one of the first slides in a future presentation."

-Yevgeniy Malenko, head of Transport System and Technology Lab of the University of Customs and Finance University

"There are some nuances related to business side – the guys didn't quite understand the real-life outcome of their project. 

On the other hand, and I think that the students are ready to present their projects to a wider audience. I suggest that the organizers thing about more a public format for the presentations.”

- Alexander Firsov, Associate Professor of Transport System and Technology Department of the University of Customs and Finance University

"The SmartAir project is interesting topic with good background. The Doc-station project would be able to be very successful, however the 3D scanner requires some improvements.

In general I’m very satisfied and I hope you are very successful in your work!"

- Alexey Dubinskiy, Associate Professor of Medico-biologic Physics and Informatics Department of Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy

You will find the project descriptions, presentations and more information about the teams on our website with the hashtag #Robotics_Ideas

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