“MY POLICE” application will be launched on august 24

02.06.2016 18:10

A team of the Noosphere Engineering School, guided by Dmitry Podvorchansky, has developed the “My Police” software.  It is a free mobile application, installed on a smartphone that allows civilians to take an active role in police work. 

The “My Police” application performs the following functions:

  • Monitors police work. Users are able to rate policemen performance on a five-point scale, as well as leave anonymous feedback. To do this, they only need to enter the number of the police badge into a special field and indicate the rating. Assessment of police performance is intended to help combat police corruption and abuses of authority.
  • Active witness function. This allows civilians to help establish the facts of violations using photos or videos by recording it and sending this information to law-enforcement authorities.
  • Map of police departments and ambulance services. The interactive map enables users to find the nearest police department to seek police or medical aid.
  • SOS – If a civilian needs emergency aid, he/she can use the “SOS” button to call the police hotline.  
  • Guide to police duties and responsibilities. An summary of police duties and responsibilities lets civilians know how they should behave in different situations and how police representatives ought to behave.
  • Breaking police news. In the “My Police” application, you can find hot news about the Ukrainian police. 

For now, the application is only available for Android smartphones. Applications for IOS are on the horizon. The public launch of the “My Police” application is scheduled for August 24, 2016. 

Please, follow the link to see a prototype of the “My Police” application (we recommend viewing it on a personal computer).