More than 40 drones took to the skies at Copters Race 2016

27.09.2016 14:32

On Saturday, September 24, Copter Race 2016, organized by Noosphere Engineering School, was held in Dnipro. It was already the forth battle of the drones organized by the school. The first time the competition was held in 2015 (Copters Race 2015). After that is was held as part of BestRoboFest 2016 and then in conjunction with the World Championship for Space Models 2016.

The latest installment saw more than 40 drones soaring through the skies at Copters Race 2016. Tech aficionados from Dnipro, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Odesa and other regions of Ukraine competitions on the new-generation aircraft to match their speed, maneuverability and driving skills against each other. The open tournament was for everyone to enjoy and anyone who was interested had the opportunity to register and participate.  

Sergey Poslavsky, a mentor of the Noosphere Engineering School, was the Presiding Judge of the competition. 

The tournament included 3 classes of copters:

Class 1: copters with a flight controller that only provided stabilization.

Class 2: drones with flight controllers that included altitude and position stabilizers.

Class 3: FPV-copters that provided first-person perspective flight with glasses or a helmet.

At the event the Noosphere Engineering School demonstrated their other inventions:  ArtOS a gun-fire control software complex, a Mars rover, laser watches and the "My Police" mobile application. Every visitor, who downloaded the application and commented on it, got a free Frisbee.

At the event exposition zone, spectators had a chance to see the combat reconnaissance drone “Leleka” of the Dnipro-1 aerial reconnaissance unit. Visitors could also learn how to fly mini-copters from InFly , a partner of Copter Race 2016.

Students from Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University also showed off the results of their work. Among with the numerous educational initiatives, there was also a pet drawing table. 

Copter Race was not only a breathtaking event in Dnipro life, but also a spectacular holiday for the whole family. Children were especially delighted with the multiple workshops. They were taught the fundamentals of robotics and even how to paint cakes. The littlest visitors drew pictures, received gifts, printed items on a 3D printer and played Twister.  

One of the highlights of the event was the chance for guests to build their own rockets and launch them during free workshop.  Every rocket flight was unique, starting from the flight altitude and to the landing place.  Everyone could hear the applause and the cheers from the crowd piercing though the rocket smoke.

Watch the video from Hromadske TV Dnipro for more details. 

and the 9th TV channel

The winners of Copters Race were:

Class 1:

1 – Denys Poslavsky,

2 – Sergiy Baranik,

3 – Sergiy Morgunov.

Class 2:

1 – Eugene Kravets,

2 – Anton Strikov,

3 – Dmytro Podvorchansky.

Class 3:

1 – Mykola Podakov,

2 – Vyacheslav Gordiyenko,

3 – Maxim Podakov.

Congratulations to the winners!

Tournament partner FlyMod, a shop selling tools to assembly quadcopters and multi-rotor systems on your own,  offered prizes for all the winners – certificates 2,500 UAH (for the first place), 1800 UAH (for the second place) and 1250 UAH (for the third place).

Visitors from the other regions also appreciated the event and invited us to visit them: 

"Thank you for arranging such a cool event! It was super!  We hope we can visit the same event in other cities!" – Eugene, Zaporizhzhya, winner of Copter Race in Class 2.