Meet the newest staff member of NOOSPHERE ENGINEERING SCHOOL

24.03.2015 00:00

“The soul of a machine is stronger than steel”.

The Noosphere Engineering School has an unusual employee. He is only 70 cm tall and weights less than 6 kg, but he's not a child. He's not even a dwarf. He's a robot! He is able to move around and speak several languages. He can dance and lift small loads. He also knows a few programming languages, recognizes speech and possesses artificial intelligence. In addition he has already created an account on  Facebook.

His name is NAO and he is from France. His manufacturer is the Aldebaran Company, but NAO has already become popular in Dnipropetrovsk after participating in the First Robotic Technology Festival in Dnepropetrovsk. He has a lot interesting activities ahead. First on the list is working with the teams of students at the Noosphere Engineering School. NAO will work closely with participants of the Microcontroller Devices program. Maybe with his help, students will be able to solve a riddle of artificial intelligence.

NAO will soon, get to meet his new colleagues at Kyiv innovation technology forum  InnoTech. He will also try being a moderator during the final stage of the engineering startup contest the Vernadsky Challenge.

NAO — is one of the best examples of modern robotic technology. We are going to test his unlimited capabilities with our students while they study at the Noosphere Engineering School.

Follow our news and NAO’s page on Facebook, where he will share new achievements with subscribers.