Meet Noosphere Engineering School in Rovno!

06.05.2018 00:00

On April 23, an official opening of Noosphere Engineering School Laboratory took place in Rovno, at the National University of Water and Environmental Engineering. 

From now on, students of all universities of the city, young researchers, engineers and developers can implement their project ideas on the basis of the laboratory of satellite data analytics.

The Laboratory of the School in Rovno is founded in cooperation with EOS company, the member of the Association Noosphere, which specializes in satellite imagery processing and analyzing.

At the opening, Max Polyakov, founder of the Association Noosphere and Noosphere Engineering School, personally welcomed students and encouraged them to join research groups of the School, creating together the technological future of the country.



Among the nearest plans of the team is the implementation of the following projects:

"Open data. Support for community", aimed at developing methods for monitoring water bodies, forest resources, assessing the risks of emergencies in water bodies.

"Soil moisture assessment" is a complex software designed for farms, agricultural companies and corporations, which allows to plan optimal irrigation in order to achieve maximum yield.

"Big Meteo Data Analistic" is a system that can provide information support to state, educational, scientific, public and business projects regarding climate change, the impact of human activity on the environment.

The event was also attended by Victor Stepanovich Moshinsky, the rector of NUWEE, and Olga Stepanchenko, the director of the Laboratory of the Engineering School in Rovno.

We invite students and university graduates that are interested in creating their own projects on the basis of our laboratory in Rovno. 

Join our high−tech projects in the field of space research and information technology!