Halloween with igor shoifot

05.11.2015 00:00

"A startup can be compared to a child -  

the most important thing is not how much 

you love your child but how you are going to raise him/her."

-Igor Shoifot

The workshop presented by Igor Shoifot, was announced by us earlier and held on October 31.
On Saturday A.M. Makarov National Aerospace Educational Center of Youth hosted more than 300 attendants who were more interested in learning something new than making preparations for the Halloween-masquerade.

Beginners as well as experienced startupers, IT-experts and innovators of Noosphere Engineering School attended the workshop.

The event had three sessions:

  1. Training session by Igor Shoifot. The participants learned the full lifecycle of any startup: from the idea and assignment of roles in a team to entry into the market and earning the first profit. Igor shared his experience and life lessons that he has learned.  
  2. Q&A session with Igor Shoifot and Michael Ryabokon. These two seasoned experts hosted a Q&A to answer questions from  the audience.
  3. Prizes were granted on behalf of Noosphere quiz winners. Using randomorg we chose the lucky winners of the special awards from the registered participants at the training session in advance.

Take a look at the great photos from the event!