Gradually we pass from the theory to practice

24.10.2014 11:11

“The ability to go whole hog is one of the properties of a good startup”.

Starting next week our students will feel like they are part of a real startup as they begin to evaluate the viability of their ideas with help from their mentors.

The final week of the theoretical portion of the “Project Management” program was very interesting and essential to the next phase.

On Tuesday mentors Lyubov Zimina and Vyacheslav Savchenko introduced students to the principles of project tracking parameters and the recommended risk management metrics for IT-projects.

Lyubov Zimina told students, “It seems to me that our students have very high potential. Their thoughts on their projects. They listened attentively, aborbed the information and presented thoughtful and interesting questions. I hope the students find interesting projects and are able to complete them successful!”

On Thursday, October 23, Anastasia Belous, TN’s Labs COO, and Anton Krasny, Murka’s COO, held interesting and informative lectures on many modern, Silicon Valley  startups.

At the end of the lecture the mentors gave copies of Tamara Myles's “The Secret to Peak Productivity: A Simple Guide to Reaching Tour Personal Best” to thea student who listened the closest to the lectures and could answer the question, “what was the starting capital of Hewlett-Packard company?” Vladislav Khaitov gave the correct answer of "$538" and won the book.

Participants of the program will have an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to work as a team under the direct supervision of their mentors. Mentors will direct the efforts and energy of each team in the right direction to help them surpassed even the most optimistic expectations of the beginnings. We wish them the best of luck in their projects!