First year of Noosphere Engineering School: What kind of year was it?

29.12.2014 00:00

“Result are the most important thing in life. Nothing else matters.”

The Noosphere Engineering School has had a lot of amazing results to talk about this year. 2014 has come to end, and we want to review our progress over our inaugural year.

We launched two laboratories: the “IT Systems Development” and “Robotic Technology and Electronics” labs, which were attended by 84 students and postgraduates. Participants in our programs have generated a lot of ideas. With the help and guidance of Tatiana Bulanaya, Director of the Noosphere Engineering School, each participant of the teams came up with 5 original ideas on a daily basis and presented 15 innovative projects. Starting February six teams from the “Microcontroller Devices” program will begin bring their ideas to life in the new Noosphere Engineering School laboratories, equipped with the latest high-tech equipment.

Some of our recent graduates have taken advantage of their work with the Noosphere team and accepted invitations to become employees of Noosphere.

Noosphere Engineering School also sponsored a number of competitions this year including the “Student of the year”, the “Eureka” mathematical tournament, and the European BEST Engineering Competition sponsored Dnepropetrovsk Regional Lyceum-Boarding Mathematical Physics' student Andrey Selivanov at the “Olimp” All-Ukrainian summer computer school.

We believe that next year will also be filled with exciting events and we wish all our present and future students, mentors and partners the inspiration to make discoveries, and come up with inspiring ideas and successful projects. Follow our dreams!