Engineering School is now open in Zhytomyr!

13.02.2019 13:23

On January 28, Michael Ryabokon, co-founder of Noosphere Engineering School, and Oleg Skidan, rector of Zhytomyr National Agroecological University, signed an agreement for the opening Noosphere Engineering School in Zhytomyr!

From this point on, projects will be actively created within the priority directions of the laboratory, such as the Internet of Things, the Earth remote sensing, space research and сyber ​​security.

Despite the recent official signing of the contract, we already have first results of the test work of the School in the new location! In November, the Zhytomyr team took part in the «Meteocomplex» online hackathon where students presented their solutions for creating a meteorological complex for the ArtOs artillery units fire control system.

Today students of Noosphere Engineering School Zhytomyr are already working on a new project, a unique interactive sandbox «GalaSAND», which will be presented in the renewed Planetarium of Dnipro. The sandbox is designed to study and demonstrate the children the Solar System, the structure of each planet, formation of their landscapes and surface features. In addition, the development will be equipped with an interactive gaming console, as well as transmit tactile sensations using sand temperature.

The team of the new laboratory is being actively formed now and we invite students to cooperate:

  • Create your own project or offer the idea of ​​hardware/software startup that will conquer the modern tech industry.We provide: a modern equipment, supervision by qualified mentors, legal support, marketing expertise.
  • Become part of ongoing projects that are open for enthusiasts and young researchers with engineering, technical, and mathematical skills.By participating in the project as a specialist, you will receive invaluable experience, teamwork expertise, networking opportunities with leading experts from various industries, while undergoing the necessary training, mastering new skills and becoming eligible for a scholarship/stipend.

Among the future plans in Zhytomyr is the cooperation of the School with the «Polesye» Regional Space Center, which will be established on the basis of Zhytomyr National Agroecological University, together with the National Center for Control and Testing of Space Facilities.

We wish the team of a newly created laboratory lots of innovative ideas, motivated students and significant achievements in the engineering industry!