Bring Your Ideas to life with Vernadsky Challenge by Max Polyakov

18.03.2015 00:00

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

Technological world does not stand still. Thousands of unique innovative projects, capable to improve human life, are created every year. Noosphere’s family permanently contributes to development of innovative projects. Launch of Vernadsky Challenge engineering startup contest by Noosphere Ventures is one of our investments in future. Its mission is to become a unique platform that will be able to support talented professionals in development and implementation of their ideas in the field of design and engineering.

Noosphere Engineering School invites nowadays and future students and graduates to participate, to challenge your idea and fight for top prize of Vernadsky Challenge. The most promising projects will be offered investments, professional expertise and access to innovative scientific and technological resource base of Noosphere Ventures equal to 1 mln UAH.

Anyone who is ready to present his/her project may participate in Vernadsky Challenge. 

Vernadsky Challenge sphere of interests is focused on:

  • Space technologies; 
  • Medical equipment;
  • Geological exploration, projects in the area of efficient nature management;
  • Alternative energy sources;
  • Robotic technologies; 
  • Agro-industrial engineering; 
  • Gaming platforms, application and extensions for mobile devices; 
  • Big Date processing, storage and transmission systems; 
  • Innovations in metallurgy and electronics;
  • Complexes and systems of military purpose;
  • Transport management systems.

Vernadsky Challenge will give rise to innovative solutions based on the principles of global thinking, science and creation. We are looking for high-tech projects able to change the world for the better.  

If you are willing to participate in the contest, please, download the application form on the website, fill it in and send to the e-mail:  [email protected]. Acceptance of applications will continue till April 12 and thereafter a final list of participants and dates of contest finals will be published on the website within a week.

We wish success to all participants!