"Best device for FAI" prototype is created at the School Laboratory

21.03.2018 12:04

In May 2017, the Noosphere Engineering School team won in the Ukrainian Innovation tournament, “Best device for FAI”, and became the only one which was able to provide a prototype of the project!

Participants of the Innovation tournament should have to address the challenge, suggested by The World Air Sports Federation (FAI), to create a device, which will be applied at the balloon competitions (transportation in the atmosphere of the Earth using spacecrafts, which are lighter than air).  

While solving many tasks at the balloon competitions, pilots are asked to drop a special marker as closer to the target as possible. 

Markers are usually dropped within a 50-100 m radius of the target. Depending on the task they might be thrown or just dropped. While it is easier to achieve a good result when flying low over the target, the marker might also be dropped from high above (>1000m above the target). The competitor with the marker closest to the target wins.

Participants of the tournament are proposed to find a solution that will allow immediate automated measurement of the markers, which would provide the possibility to show the marker distance from the center to public on site and track winners. 

The process of device development is divided into 4 phases:

  1. Creation of prototype, capable of measuring the distance with the required accuracy.
  2. Creation of prototype, capable of providing all functions, stipulated by the requirements. 
  3. Development of measurement system and full-function marker.
  4. Development of software that uses the marker measurement to provide real-time scoreboard for the public.

The Noosphere Engineering School team is represented by:

  • Sergey Poslavsky, Ph.D., specialist in robotics and positioning systems, Team Leader, System Architect, Software Engineer.
  • Stanislav, 5th year student of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University (DNU), majored in applied mechanics, Mechanical Engineer.
  • Dmitry, 5th year student of DNU, majored in  micro and nanoelectronics, Electronics Engineer.
  • Alexander, a graduate of DNU, Software/Firmware Engineer.

At the first stage of the project implementation, the Engineering School team created a polygon where the participants of the tournament should demonstrate the work of their prototypes.

Main characteristics of the polygon are: 

  • Number of reference distances: 20
  • Range: 0.5 m - 150 m
  • Accuracy: 0.2 cm 

At the polygon, the devices are tested for compliance with accuracy requirements.


At the moment, the team have already overcome 2 stages, created a device prototype, and are working on development of measurement system and full-function marker with correct weight, functionality, IP rating. In addition, at the third phase drop and waterproof tests are carried out, and a system for transferring data to the storage on the Internet is implemented. The team demonstrated the working capacity of the devices and tested the range of reception of Wi-Fi signal on the chip antennas.

The next stage is final and will be related to the software development.

The results of the project will be presented at the plenary sessions of The World Air Sports Federation and FAI Ballooning Commission (CIA).

We wish Sergey, Stanislav, Dmitry and Alexander patience and success in creating the device. Let’s support together the Noosphere Engineering School team in the tournament!