Ashlee Vance, an author of Elon Musk’s biography, at the School

06.08.2018 16:37

On August 3, the team of Noosphere Engineering School got a fabulous chance to welcome Ashlee Vance, the author of “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future”, and one of the most influential journalists of the Silicon Valley.

After successful work in California as a correspondent for The New York Times, Ashley became the leading journalist for Bloomberg Businessweek. The writer's works are often published in editions of The Economist, Chicago Tribune,, Globe and Mail, International Herald Tribune and CNET.

In 2007 he wrote the “Geek Silicon Valley” book on the history of the Silicon Valley, and in 2015 released a biography of Elon Musk, which tells the story of the world-famous inventor and entrepreneur from South Africa who achieved the top of the world business. Precisely, this book became a subject of Ashley’s autograph session held in Dnipro due to the Association Noosphere.

Together with Ashley Vance, the Engineering Laboratory was visited by Grant Slater, an American photographer, videographer and journalist. Grant's clients and partners include such companies and publications as The Guardian, National Geographic, TechCrunch, Starbucks, VISA.

Employees and students of the School showed the guests projects and discussed current developments within laboratories, which would be potentially valuable in journalism. Besides, Ashley promised to give students feedback and suggest which innovative tools will be useful in his work.

In addition to familiarizing himself with the work of students in the field of robotics and Internet of Things, the writer visited Space Engineering School, noting that the School provides a fundamental practical base and great opportunities for young people in space exploration and creating their own prototypes related to space research.

Ashley personally signed books for the students of the School, appreciating their diligence, creativity and dedication.

Click through the gallery below to see how the meeting was held.