A week of vip guests at the Engineering School

03.10.2016 14:49

The end of September was a big month for visits at the Noosphere Engineering School.

On September 23, Leonid Kuchma, the second President of Ukraine, came to visit the Noosphere Engineering school again. This time, the visit came to celebrate the openning of the Space Lab of the Noosphere Engineering School. The new Lab is located in the Physical and Technical Faculty building of Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University (building No.13).  

Students and management of the Engineering School took the time to explain the technologies that they will be using, including 3D modelling, satellite image modelling and data visualization. "I am fascinated by the things I saw in the Lab,” said Leonid D. Kuchma. “Here the students, guided by the experiences mentors, develop small aircraft – from the engines to the control systems. We should be grateful to these people for their interest in science and their contribution to the future of our country. They are truly gifted youth."

On September 28, Noosphere Engineering School welcomed one more VIP visitor – Maxim Strikha, Deputy Minister of Education of Ukraine. Michael Ryabokon, Co-Founder of Noosphere Engineering School, toured him through the school labs, which are equipped with high-tech tools, and prezent him with projects the students and specialists are working on. The ArtOS a gun-fire control software system, the  My Police application, the Mars rover, and the quadcopter that was assembled by students were among the highlights. 

Strikha was also shown the CamTouch project, developed by Andrey Konovalenko, finalist at the Sikorsky Challenge. In 2014 he received a grant from Noosphere to develop it . 

Maxim Strikha expressed his appreciation for the  inventions at the school and was eager to stay in touch about future collaborations.