A week of great ideas

09.12.2014 14:57

The whole world is currently under a lot of pressure preparing for the upcoming New Year holidays. The long-awaited week has already started at Noosphere Engineering School and it is already proving to be a very productive week.

The lessons from the “Project Management” program of the Noosphere Engineering School wrapping up and people are eager for the most interesting event – the presentation of the projects and award ceremony, is still ahead. Their final lesson will be held on December 11 in the Oles Honchar Dnepropetrovsk National University library. Which is where we will announce the five teams along with their spring projects. We’ll also announce the top three students who will receive offers to work at Noosphere.

Also on Friday, December 12, students from the “Microcontroller devices” program will present their project ideas. They will start implementing them in their practical classes in January in the new Noosphere Engineering School laboratory of which has state-of-the-art equipment.

    "Ideas are the best thing that may ever happen to us" (David Lynch).

And the best thing that may ever happen to the Noosphere Engineering School is the exciting projects and achievements of our participants.

We wish our students good luck and success at the upcoming presentations!