A masterclass in satellite analysis of the Earth's environmental situation

23.08.2019 18:09

NGO “Association Noosphere” and Noosphere Engineering School will join the activities within the framework of EU Code Week and Meet-and-code initiative, being implemented by the GURT Resource Center in cooperation with TechSoup Europe and Haus des Stiftens gGmbH and funded by SAP. 

We are delighted to inform that the two-day masterclass in satellite analysis of the Earth’s environmental situation will take place on October 5-6 for schoolchildren aged 12 to 18 based on Noosphere Engineering School in the premises of the Space Research Institute NASU and SSAU.

We have developed the program based on the research findings of the Space Research Institute NASU and SSAU on processing of satellite data of the European Space Agency, obtained by the team of Noosphere Engineering School at SRI NESKyivSRI as a part of work on the project ERA-PLANET under Horizon2020 program and using the educational and training materials of the European Copernicus Academy network.

During the training the schoolchildren:

- will become familiar with geospatial information systems; 

- will learn how to obtain real-life satellite data from the European satellites of Sentinel family;

- will find out the specific features of different data channels and learn to process it using the programming language Python.

By comparing the information from different channels and in different time zones, the pupils will be able to analyze the environment state of Kyiv and the whole planet.

The author of the idea, the mastermind and organizer of the project is Natalia M. Kussul, Professor, Dr.Sc., Technical Sciences, Deputy Director of Space Research Institute NASU and SSAU and the Head of NESKyivSRI.

The participation is free of charge. The sign-up for the event will start on September 1, 2019. Follow the news of Noosphere Engineering School, as the number of participants is limited!