Exciting facts about engineering at "City Workshop 2021: Reboot"

03.07.2021 00:12

"City Workshop 2021: Reboot" – an urban cultural festival, where Noosphere Engineering School took part. The event was held on June 24-26 as a part of the project titled “Integrated Development of Cities in Ukraine II” by Zhytomyr City Council and German government company «Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH». This year’s "City Workshop" attracted many people in Zhytomyr Region.
This year a call for project proposals was held as a part of the “Workshop”. Student teams of Noosphere Engineering School Zhytomyr based on Polissia National University suggested their solutions, which are fully aligned with the priorities of the Concept of Integrated Development of Zhytomyr up to 2030.
Two project solutions of our residents received funding. 
Workshop on environmental issues

SmashCan project was presented at the workshop – smart trash can, which simplifies the process of garbage sorting and creates environmentally-friendly image of the user. The mobile application was developed for more convenient supervision and monitoring of the level and speed of filling the trash can. The "tricks" of the application include bonus accumulation system, which enables to raise environmental awareness of adult users and build environmentally-friendly mindset of children.


The workshop was held in cooperation with the academic staff of Polissia National University, working within the framework of the project titled “Agents of Climatic Changes”, supported by State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO and Zhytomyr City Council. 
At the workshop, they also played a game “Sort the garbage” – after the lecture, two teams of schoolchildren distributed waste in the form of gamification; at the same time, the results of the teams were verified using the “Smart Trash Can” application. 
The development of the mobile augmented reality application for Zhytomyr Regional Museum of Local Lore
The representatives of the teams Custom World and AR School suggested a project solution, which will revitalize the exhibits of Zhytomyr Regional Museum of Local Lore. The students also presented to the guests of the festival the first results of their work – a mobile application to display animated objects of augmented reality for the series of sculptures "Four Seasons of the Year".
The mobile AR application is able to display snow with full details (up to small snowflake patterns) on the background of the figure "Winter". The sculpture "Spring" appears surrounded by blossoming branches of sakura with petals which are falling because of the wind. A flock of little birds is flying over the head of the sculpture “Summer”, and the figure "Autumn" is augmented with falling yellowed leaves.



Further the team created an animation of the elements of the paintings displayed in the museum. The mobile application will become available for museum visitors on free-of-charge basis – this will enable to enhance the beauty of the exhibition of Zhytomyr Regional Museum of Local Lore and attract more visitors.

Zhytomyr Laboratory of Noosphere Engineering School received a diploma from the organizers of urban cultural festival "City Workshop 2021: Reboot" an invitation to participate in future calls for proposals. We will be happy to participate in it! Challenge accepted :)
See you at future "Workshops".