Educational project “#StandWithUkraine. Stop Disinformation”

25.07.2022 23:27

Our partner NGO "ENDSPIEL" launches highly important educational project titled  “#StandWithUkraine. Stop Disinformation”
Sign up here to participate — learn about a technological solution to counteract disinformation and gain the appropriate technical skills together with the experts of Noosphere Engineering School! 
Registration deadline is August 7, 2022 
11:59 p.m.
The initiative “#StandWithUkraine. Stop Disinformation” is implemented thanks to the EU’s scholarship program for civil society leaders of the Eastern Partnership countries with the EU’s support. The mentors of Noosphere Engineering School provide their expert support.

The program will last from July 2022 till July 2023 and provides for a complex of activities, as follows:

Stage 1. Online education
August 16 – December 20, 2022.
10 trainings with an interval of two weeks (one training = 80 minutes)

Webinar topics:

  • Disinformation as a way of information and psychological influence on the society/public institutions. 
  • Technology to implement a disinformation campaign 
  • Methods of information and psychological influence through the Internet 
  • DeepFakes as the most contemporary form of disinformation
  • Factchecking: tools for professional verification of information
  • Tools for social network analysis and data visualization
  • Google tools for identifying and countering disinformation 
  • Using Python for automating tasks as 
  • a part of the efforts to combat disinformation
  • Baseline strategies and mechanisms for psychological defense
  • Combating disinformation in Ukraine and the world

The training will be conducted online in Ukrainian (the course provides training materials)

Stage 2. Ideaton “Digital coffee”
January 24, 2023. Duration: 8 h.
Accompanied by mentors, participants are open to suggest their own technological solutions to counter disinformation 
(!) The best ideas will be supported as a part of the prize fund of the program.

Stage 3. Virtual round table “#StandWithUkraine. Stop Disinformation”. Awarding of the winners.
February 7, 2023. Duration: 4 h

Key round table discussions :

  • Disinformation: challenges of the democratic world
  • The main lessons learned from the Ukraine-Russia information war
  • Future trends in disinformation campaign
  • The role of education in countering disinformation campaigns and raising awareness
  • The response of the international community to disinformation campaigns.

A ceremony of awarding the winners of the ideaton as well as the presentation of the prototypes and training materials for stakeholders will take place during the event.


  • 18-23 years old
  • Affiliation to the Ukrainian higher education institution.
  • Fluency in spoken and written Ukrainian, and computer literacy 
  • Commitment to participate in all project activities
  • Highly interested
  • The priority will be given to those who is majoring in 12 “Information Technology”
  • The priority will be given if you are from the areas of active military operations – East, South and North of Ukraine (areas of massive missile strikes in Chernihiv, Sumy, Kyiv and Zhytomyr Region). In total, 100 applicants will be selected.

Competitive procedure:

  • The deadline for applications is 
  • August 7, 2022 11:59 p.m. (Kyiv time).
  • (!) Sign up by following the link
  • The decision of the selection panel
  • Announcement of the results – until August 15, 2022.

The project is implemented with the EU’s support under the EU’s scholarship program for civil society leaders of the Eastern Partnership countries.