Robotic Technology and Electronics

Program "Microcontroller devices"

Create unique models and bring your projects to life: intelligence houses, radio-controlled car and aircraft models, and a range of digital devices, from watches and timers to android robots. It really is possible to create all of it in our lab.

We are ready to participate in projects related to any field of electronics and robotic technology at any stage of development: from theoretical study to experimental model testing.

Program start: 22-01-2019
Deadline: 21-01-2019
  • 8 weeks
  • 4 hours in week

Project performance stages

Step-by-step development required to create microcontroller devices. Technical design specification development and equipment selection.

Controller periphery application fundamentals

Application overview and programming methods for different peripheries of micro-controllers (parallel input/output port, timers/meters, digital-to-analog converter, analog to digital converter, serial input-output port).

Controller programming fundamentals

Fundamentals of software development processes: planning, encryption, formatting, debugging and testing.

Fundamentals of CAD program application

Learning the basic principles of printed circuit board creation, from circuit development to the production file.

 (In progress of studies the program may be altered depending on the level of participants’ background).

The best students

  • Oleksii Kvasnikov


  • Serhii Tyshchenko