The second stage of the "Upgrade Lathe" project


Students of Space Engineering School continue to work on the project of modernization of the HobbyMat MD65 machine, which was launched in January 2018.

Recall that the first stage, successfully completed by the team, consisted of debugging the HobbyMat MD65 machine for processing wood, plastic and soft non-ferrous metals, as well as equipping it with CNC system. Also, the mechanics of movements along the two axes and the control system were worked out.

Since March, students are working on the second stage "Creating a winding module on a lathe", as a result of which a module for winding various threads, bundles and tapes onto a mandrel will be manufactured to produce components made of composite materials.

Currently the team solves a number of problems and explores how to select the necessary components, design and manufacture thread-laying machine, feed and rotation mechanisms, develop a management system, install boards, and debug a device.

The final goal of the project is to improve the existing lathe with manual control by equipping it with a CNC system based on Mach3.

In the course of the work, students get practical skills in designing and constructing CNC systems, dealing with the SolidWorks program, and, in overall, improve the technical equipment of the Physics and Technical Faculty of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University and Noosphere Engineering School.

Once CNC machine and the winding module are ready, they will be used for manufacturing parts from colored and composite materials for the "Student rocket".

The project team includes students of the Physics and Technical Faculty:

  • Birdo Oleg,
  • Vildyakskin Oleg,
  • Danilenko Vladislav,
  • Dobrodomov Alexander,
  • Korpach Leonid,
  • Sirenko Maxim.

At the moment, students under the guidance of mentors test control systems and winding algorithms, and soon will present the finished device.