Students create a 3D printer FDM 400 at the School


Students under the guidance of Elena Karpovich are working on creation of a modern 3D printer with a 1000x400x400 mm printing area​​.

The idea of ​​the project was born during the educational program "Designing in tridimensional solid modeling system, SolidWorks", when a group and mentors felt the necessity of an FDM printer for the implementation of developments and printing large-sized 3D models.

So, it was decided to launch a project and create a 3D printer Noo-400, which allows to manufacture:

> complex parts of ABS, PLA and other materials with an extrusion temperature of up to 2800С for products and engineering projects;

> technological equipment of ABS plastics, in particular, for a matrix of computational material or molds of conventionally large dimensions;

> parts from ABS plastics by the FDM method of printing large sizes 1000х400х400 mm, including ones for the “Student rocket” project.

The project consists of several stages during which the students will learn how to select necessary components, design the printer casing, a portal, feed mechanisms, develop control systems, make an installation of boards and debug the device.

At the moment, the team has already coped with primary tasks and is working on an electronic control scheme for the printer, making a complete assembly of the mechanical part. They also carried out a test of the assemblage of the printer components and determined materials of the printed parts.

In its final form, the 3D printer FDM 400 will have the following features:

  • Printable area 1000х400х500 mm for large objects.
  • Fully heated table for plastics with large shrinkage.
  • Two separate extruders for printing with different materials, including complex designs with soluble supports.

In the meantime, students not only create a printer with their own hands, but share their experience with others! In June, the team helped to build, adjust and set the printer for the College of Rocket and Space Engineering of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University.

Very soon students will present their project and the printer will be ready for launch!