Noosphere Engineering School hosted the Star Track-3 tournament!


On December 22, the Third Student Space Tournament «Star Track» took place at Noosphere Engineering School, attended by 12 teams from Dnipro, Kiev and Kharkiv.  

The finalists of the tournament divided the prize pool from the Association Noosphere, which amounted to 25,000 UAH, as well as the opportunity to realize their ideas on the base and with the full support of the School.

The winners of the tournament are now announced:

The project of an unmanned DronHunter-I aircraft from the team Young Wings (National Aerospace University named after Zhukovsky, Kharkiv).

The project of the youngest participant of the tournament, Kirill Blagodarov (KB Clean Orbit team, Dnipro) who presented the development “CleanLeo” - for the removal of space trash in low Earth orbits, and “CleanGeo” - for the maintenance of satellites in the geostationary orbit.

The NAU team (National Aviation University, Kiev), which worked on projects simultaneously in 4 categories of the tournament: a carrier rocket, a CanSat flying module, a moon flying rover, a rocket carrier with a microwave engine.

A launch vehicle for CubeSat from DniproSkyLab (Dnipro).

The development of the team "Dandelions" (Dnipro), which presented a research and development rocket system, the carrier for the satellite CanSat.

Check out pictures from the event.

The ideas of participants were evaluated by experts from science and business:

  • Michael Ryabokon - Chairman of the Board of NGO Association Noosphere, co-founder of Noosphere Engineering School
  • John Isella - Director of International Business Development at Firefly Aerospace 
  • Andrey Kondratyev - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Contsructions and Design of Rocket Technology at Kharkiv Aviation Institute.
  • Katerina Babenko - Director of Noosphere Engineering School 
  • Alexey Sidorov - Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Technology at Oles Honchar Dnipro National University. 
  • Sergey Kutovoy - Innovation Director at Noosphere Ventures
  • Igor Homilko - Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor at the Department of Radio Electronics at Oles Honchar Dnipro National University

In addition to the finalists of the tournament, jury members highly appreciated the perceptiveness of other startups presented on Star Track-3. 

For example, the Moon Town team has developed a LuTraktor project, aimed to clean and refine the territories for launching spacecraft to the moon.

SpaceLaunchStudents designed an ultra-heavy three-stage carrier rocket with a spacecraft which can be used for the colonization of the Earth's satellite.

The Albatros team presented a program for the complete calculation and modeling of the rocket. The essence of the program is to compute the ideal parameters of the design according to the known data.

The Dreamer team presented a research drone project with unique flight characteristics, while guys from TORCHWOOD developed the concept of a space elevator - an engineering facility for launching vehicles into outer space.

OceanSky developed a model of a reusable floating aircraft, which carries out long flights as well as movement on water, using it as a platform for takeoff and landing.

Finally, Rocket Dynasty has proposed the creation of fire-fighting unmanned aerial vehicles, the task of which is to patrol designated territories for the detection and rapid notification of fires. The work of such a drone will help solve the problem of fires in hard to reach places, fixing the place of ignition, and sending pictures or coordinates to the command center.

Max Polyakov, founder of the Association Noosphere and Noosphere Engineering School, said: "Here in Noosphere we are focusing on educational projects and motivating our members to adopt such an approach. For example, in December this year the first Firefly Academy program at the Texas University of Austin was launched. In Ukraine, Noosphere Space Engineering School has been in existence for 2 years. To date, the space technology market is estimated at $360 billion, and by 2026, according to forecasts by the Report Buyer, it will grow to $558 billion. This means that the demand for space industry professionals will grow, thus the interest in engineering should be instilled and the education system should be reformatted already today. Perhaps, the Star Track will become one of the cornerstones of the new approach to profile education in Ukraine."

We congratulate all the participants of the tournament and are waiting for the first prototypes of the winning projects!