EOS Media: a platform for analyzing natural or man-made disasters


Students of Noosphere Engineering School, led by the mentor, Tatyana M. Bulanaya, created a platform for tracking and analyzing natural or man-made disasters.

The EOS News web application is designed to cover various types of disasters, combining data on event location, satellite imagery, additional information from media sources and social networks. The user of the application can personally observe stages of the event, compare the changes "before" and "after" the incident, analyze the event using provided tools, notify about new events, create material for articles/blogs.

The usefulness of this project can be viewed in several directions at once. On the one hand, it becomes possible to conduct analytics with one's own hands on any case related to natural disasters. At the same time, the user can visually show interested parties an approximate scale of disasters that occur daily throughout the world, and also analyze their impact.

Using the EOS Media platform, you can track floods, volcanic eruptions, dam breaks, fires, other incidents caused by human activity, see their size on satellite imagery, identify patterns, make predictions for the future. In addition, the project provides an opportunity to draw public attention to less popular regions and their problems.

In the nearest future, among the tasks for the team is the integration of the platform with existing products and automation of processes, which are performed manually at the moment. 

Project members divide the target users of the platform into three groups: journalists, bloggers and GIS specialists. The first two groups will be able to use the application as a powerful content source and extract material for their articles, reviews, info digests. GIS specialists, in their turn, will have the opportunity to create their own events, process the pictures of the planet's surface in the most optimal way, make their own analytics for images related to the remote sensing.

Recall that earlier this project was rated by Ashlee Vance, one of the most influential journalists in the Silicon Valley. The writer visited the Engineering School, talked to the developers of the platform, and promised to test the application and give a feedback.

We are waiting for the first reviews and future releases from the team!