Space Research and Technology

Space research has been a hot topic for decades and the Information Age provides exciting new challenges in this area.

The Noosphere Engineering School focuses on solving these modern problems like cleaning up space debris, exploring new planets in the solar system, finding new mineral deposits and conducting research in space labs.

We believe that our students ans mentors are up the these challenges!

Space Research and Technology

The Noosphere Engineering School is going to create a robotic spacecraft capable to repositioning space debris to a storage orbit.

The plasma-ion engines, developed in our Lab, will be used to explore other planets of our solar system as well as mineral deposit prospecting.

We are looking for Mentors who share our view about the necessity to study and explore outer space.

We always welcome new projects and proposals. Please, send them to our e-mail:


  • Microsatellites and picosatellites

    We develop small, remote-sensing satellites for Earth and space monitoring.

  • Monitoring of space objects’ condition

    We identify sources and the nature of environmental changes and study the interaction between anthropogenic systems.

  • Remote sensing of the Earth

    We study the Earth’s surface by means of photographic and scanning systems of the visible and infrared bands as well as radar systems.

  • Propulsion systems

    We develop new types of engines and improve on existing systems for space research.



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