Robotic Technology and Electronics

Having been created in the image and likeness of human beings more than 100 years ago robots now surpass people in many fields. Robots participate in Olympic Games, conquer space and operate on patients. The world stands in need of fresh, new ideas and creative approaches to the development of robotic technology as a science of the future.

Our mentors, high skilled professionals, are willing and able to share the principles of robotic and electronic system development.

Robotic Technology and Electronics

If you aspire to master the creation of innovative electronic devices like space and medical robots, or intelligent houses then our program is for you.

You will have the chance to gain knowledge and experience with robotics that will benefit you throughout your career.

All interested partners, mentors and students are invited!

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  • Microcontroller devices

    Understanding design engineering documentation, developing intelligence house system, designing radio-controlled car and aircraft models.

  • Arduino Controllers

    Learning the fundamentals of programming; building elementary electric circuits; introduction to the principles of digital and analogue signal processing.

  • Robot structural component design

    Product development and 3D design; engineering analysis (strength, stability, dynamics of mechanisms).

  • Robot electronic component design

    Learning hardware components; analysis of typical circuits of digital and power electronics; actuating device analysis, etc.



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