Optimal Design/Design engineering

Nobody is using a drawing board and a pencil anymore to work out a design. It has been replaced by software products in the form of computer-aided engineering design and 3D printed articles made of a wide range of materials. All this has become a part of optimal design aimed at decision-making to address the needs of humankind.

Our Mentors, being the experts of high international level, will tell about guidelines for modern project design, design stages and structure of these processes.

Optimal Design/Design engineering

If you are interested in learning how to create an unique project of sophisticated engineering systems, including space technologies, to design and optimize their components and units in compliance with the up-to-date requirements, our Lab is able to assist you.

We invite prospective partners, mentors and students to join us in a successful cooperation.

Send us your suggestions to the e-mail: engineering@noosphere.com


  • Solid Works solution for design

    Study of the fundamentals of 3D design using SolidWorks system; fundamentals of FDM-printing technology; implementing a design of functioning structure.

  • ANSYS solution for finite element analysis

    Solutions to address engineering challenges using CNC technology: computational fluid dynamics; mechanics of deformable solids.

  • Design of components and units for rockets and satellites

    Preparing engineering design documentation; design and engineering of component and units for rockets and satellites.



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